Do Russian Soldiers Believe in the Invasion?

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Russian soldiers are being sent to fight and die in Ukraine. A growing body of evidence suggests many don’t believe they should be there.

  • This week, a number of videos shared on social media appeared to show Russian soldiers questioning the war in Ukraine and expressing confusion about why they were sent to invade the country.
  • US military officials have said entire Russian units have laid down weapons, and some have reportedly sabotaged vehicles to avoid fighting. The videos and reports suggest pervasive low morale.
  • Russian solders have been told by the Kremlin that their purpose is to liberate Ukraine from a neo-Nazi government. Many expected to be treated as heroes. Instead, they are meeting fierce resistance.
  • The Russian forces are made up in large part of poorly trained young conscripts. Their families have been told almost nothing about the operations they’ve been sent to fight in.
  • The Kremlin even refuses to call it a “war”—but rather uses the euphemism “special military operation.” But for Russian soldiers on the ground and their families, the grim reality is undeniable.
  • The Kremlin said on Wednesday that 498 Russian troops had died. Credible reports say the actual number is likely in the thousands.
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