Should Egypt be hosting COP27?

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Egypt, the host of COP27, has a history of violating human rights. Can it be the climate champion it portrays itself as being?

  • Today, COP27 kicks off in Egypt. Representatives from almost 200 countries will converge on Sharm El-Sheikh, to discuss a raft of issues related to climate change and the crises arising from it.
  • This year's event will take place against a backdrop of severe weather-related events, including flooding in Pakistan, drought in Horn of Africa and wildfires across Europe, the US and China.
  • Cairo has positioned itself as Africa’s climate leader, aiming to secure funds to aid neighboring countries in their efforts to adapt. One of the biggest topics on the agenda will be reparations.
  • Some critics have questioned whether Egypt can be an effective leader in climate action, as it continues to oppress civil society, silence activists and rely on fossil fuels.
  • In the past, leaders have often made big promises at COP meetings but have failed to live up to them. Will this year’s event be any different?
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