Europe’s Corona Protests

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In response to new anti-Covid measures, violent protests have erupted across the continent.

  • It has been almost two years since coronavirus darkened the door of Europe. As a fourth wave looms and many nations ramp up restrictions once more, many citizens feel a sense of anger and despair.
  • Across the continent, people have been gathering in their tens of thousands to oppose new mandates, lockdowns and restrictions; some protests even resulted in violence between police and civilians.
  • In Brussels, around 35,000 people took to the streets of Brussels. The protest began peacefully, but after fireworks were aimed at security forces the police brought in water cannon’s and tear gas.
  • In Vienna, there were also tens of thousands of protesters who took to the streets in opposition of the nationwide lockdown that was announced. The lockdown went ahead despite protests.
  • Demonstrations took place in Belfast, where hundreds gathered against the planned Covid-19 certification.
  • The Netherlands faced some of the most violent protests seen thus far. Rioters threw stones and fireworks at police and some even set bikes alight in the middle of the street.
  • In Italy, 3,000 people turned out in Rome to protest the planned “Green Pass” - a certificate set to be required in workplaces, restaurants, gyms and many other public venues.
  • In Zagreb, many also took to the streets in their thousands. Protesters stated they were standing up for their freedom.
  • It has been reported that a significant number of demonstrations have been hijacked by the far-right. Many protests were accompanied by people carrying flags or nationalist and religious symbols.
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