Canada Cracks Down on Ottawa Protest

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UPDATE: Canada’s government has invoked emergency powers to break up the “Freedom Convoy.” Some fear this will deepen divisions.

  • Canadian police on Thursday moved in to break up a three-week protest that has hamstrung the city of Ottawa and has galvanized far-right movements around the world.
  • Truckers from around Canada converged on Ottawa in January in order to protest vaccine mandates and to express other grievances directed at Canada’s left-wing government.
  • The protests have since been infiltrated by far-right extremist groups, according to Canadian police. They’ve also drawn support from conservatives and members of the US Republican Party.
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked emergency powers to crack down on the protest, drawing some criticism. Some politicians even in his own party have accused him of “divisive” tactics.
  • Others argue emergency powers are justified given the threat posed by anti-government extremists who have joined the protest movement.
  • Copycat protests have already taken place across Europe in countries like Belgium, France and Austria. Some analysts fear an escalation of tensions in Canada may fuel more protests abroad.
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