Geopolitics in a changing world

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Before becoming a startup founder, I studied international affairs and security.

Geopolitics and tech are still my passions.

I love reading and debating. These articles cover everything from geopolitical challenges, to Germany's psyche to the impact of tech.

From the war in Ukraine, to policymaking in the EU, to the internet, here are some of the biggest issues shaping our world.

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How does the Russo-Ukrainian War end?

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News13 min read
War on the Rocks

A millennial considers the new German problem after 30 years of peace

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Politics16 min read

India, Jio, and the four internets

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Tech13 min read
The Bulletin

Interview with Graham Allison: Are the United States and China charging into Thucydides’s trap?

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World Affairs19 min read

Can the EU avoid the unanimity trap?

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Politics1 min read