George Soros: Bogeyman of the Right

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Hungary’s populist prime minister Viktor Orban is not the only one viewing the billionaire as one of his biggest enemies. Why?

  • Following his victory in Hungary’s general election prime minister Viktor Orban attacked one man again: George Soros, billionaire, philanthropist and common enemy of right-wing populists.
  • Soros, born in 1930 to a Jewish family in Budapest, had featured as a bogeyman in Orban’s election campaigns before – even though Orban had once studied on a Soros-funded scholarship himself.
  • After the fall of the iron curtain Soros had become famous for funding nongovernmental organizations, universities and think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • He also supported liberal projects and pro-democracy efforts in Western societies. In the US he is still supporting candidates of the Democratic party which makes him an adversary for Republicans.
  • In many cases criticism of Soros’ activities is being associated with antisemitism since the billionaire is a well-known politically involved person with Jewish background.
  • In global right-wing environments the name “Soros” is often being used as a code for Jewish people in general – in spite of him being ad odds with conservative Israeli governments for a long time.
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