The Latest on the War in Ukraine - March 4

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Russian forces shelled Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine as invading troops advanced further into the country.

  • Overnight, Russian forces launched an attack on a nuclear power plant in a city in southern Ukraine, setting off a fire that raised fears of a massive environmental catastrophe.
  • The attack came as Russian forces pressed into Ukraine from the south, taking over key cities and launching a growing number of indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas.
  • After a week of setbacks for Russian forces meeting a stiff Ukrainian resistance, analysts fear Putin is growing increasingly desperate to take Ukraine—no matter the level of destruction and death.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to continue the fight no matter the cost. While his forces have advanced in the south, they’ve been unable to take the capital, Kyiv.
  • Over one-million people have now fled Ukraine since the fighting began a little over a week ago, the greatest exodus in Europe since the fall of Nazi Germany.
  • Up to four-million are expected to flee in coming weeks. Putin meanwhile announced on Russian state television that the “special military operation” in Ukraine was going exactly according to plan.
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