The Horn of Africa: The Forgotten Drought

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In the Horn of Africa the lives of 20 million people are in severe danger, as they are all experiencing the worst drought in 40 years.

  • Recently, a video of farmers in Ethiopia dragging their plows over their shoulders went viral. The farmers told journalists that all their oxen had died due to the drought, so they had no choice.
  • The Horn region of Africa is undergoing the worst drought in 40 years which is heavily impacting people across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.
  • Twenty million people are at risk of starving in the region. The UN recently announced that in order to avoid this $500 million must be found for the three nations.
  • Drought is rarely the only reason for such extreme circumstances - war and politics are always lurking in the background. In this case, the Ukraine conflict has undoubtedly exacerbated the issues.
  • The Ukraine invasion has sparked soaring food prices in the region, as well as problems with the supply chain globally. The conflict in Ethiopia has contributed to the worsening situation.
  • The combination of war and drought has sparked an influx of refugees from the region. With the situation showing no signs of improving, it is hard to know what the future holds for the Horn of Africa.
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