How To Get Enough Sleep

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Why is sufficient sleep so important and how can you achieve the perfect dose?

  • Getting enough good sleep is one of the most vital building blocks in public health: sleep deprivation-related workplace injuries and decreased productivity in the US alone cost billions annually.
  • More than a quarter of people in the UK sleep poorly on a regular basis according to one survey, while more than a third get only five to six hours of sleep a night.
  • Poor sleep can lead to a plethora of long-term effects, including concentration problems, mood disorders, stress, anxiety and depression, a weak immune system, weight gain and heart conditions.
  • *Getting one hour or so more sleep each night can help people lose weight, and researchers are becoming increasingly aware of sleep and its role in boosting mental health and emotional resiliency.
  • Sleep loss can be both a symptom and a negative outcome of a health disorder, as mental health issues for instance can have a negative effect on sleep.
  • At the same time, a lack of good sleep will impact emotional regulation almost immediately, and can exacerbate mental health conditions.
  • Both too much and too little sleep can negatively affect our health, with 7-9 hours believed to be the optimal length of sleep for the average adult, while teens should be getting 8-10 hours.
  • But many people are far away from achieving healthy levels of shut eye on a regular basis, resulting in many cases in a lifetime of poor ‘sleep hygiene’ - poor sleeping habits.
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