Is A Future Without Jobs Feasible?

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R/antiwork, a reddit subgroup founded in 2013 with the tagline “Unemployment for all, not just for the rich!”, argues for a jobless future.

  • As a society, we have created a narrative of success in the workplace as the ultimate goal, praising those who are dedicated to their jobs over all other realms of life.
  • In the far-left corners of the internet, a “post-work future” movement has been brewing. Although existing for almost a decade the reddit group r/antiwork has gained traction during the Covid years.
  • Throughout the pandemic, employees around the world have become exhausted. Physical and mental burnout is common, especially for essential workers. This has contributed to The Great Resignation.
  • A Microsoft survey of 30,000 global workers found that 41% of people were considering quitting or changing their professions. In August 2021, 4 million people resigned in the US alone.
  • Within the r/antiwork group, individuals have been having discussions about such woes, sharing resignation stories and questioning the current business set up.
  • The group describes itself as being for those who want a post-work future, who are curious about ending work, who want more information on “anti-work ideas” and help with work-related struggles.
  • Changing the entire global working structure should not happen overnight. However, a shift in the way things are done could be essential for preventing future mass resignation waves.
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