Is It Time For The Fourth Covid Dose Yet?

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The Omicron sub-variants leading to rising cases have brought conversation around a fourth Covid dose to the forefront.

  • Even as a majority of the world population is still to get their first booster shot, fast-spreading Omicron sub-variant (BA.2) has prompted studies on the efficacy of a second booster shot.
  • According to experts, the interval between the booster shot and the second vaccine was shortened from six months to three months due to the spread of the Omicron variant.
  • As the Omicron variant was vastly different in its biological make-up than the earliest variants, it resulted in a lot of boostered individuals also contracting a mild form of Covid.
  • Countries such as Denmark, Israel, France, Germany, among others, have allowed administration of the fourth Covid dose for elderly and at-risk patients.
  • According to peer-reviewed research, for the under-60 population, a fourth Covid dose isn’t offering significant benefit over the third one when it comes to protection against Omicron variants.
  • Many European countries are lifting all restrictions despite a record number of Covid19 cases as the load on hospitals isn’t as severe. Although medical experts still recommend mask wearing.
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