Is This the End of Comedy?

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A number of recent debates have highlighted ever evolving perceptions around comedy, cancel culture and morality.

  • In recent years, comedians have consistently been held to account for what many have perceived to be politically incorrect.
  • A number of comics have expressed that the fear of cancel culture is inhibiting them from embracing the full spectrum of their creative potential.
  • Dave Chapelle was accosted for transphobia, Jimmy Carr was criticized over an “abortion drawf” joke and most recently Joe Rogan has been facing a backlash for joking about child sexual abuse.
  • In a viral tweet, comedian Whitney Cummings addressed the big question that has been looming over the business for a long time: what should comedy be about?
  • Cummings claimed that the job of comedians is to be “irreverent and dangerous” and that people should stay focused on who we “pay taxes to, to be moral leaders.”
  • Some comics argue they aren’t there to teach a glorified moral lectures, but instead to push the boundaries of humor.
  • Whilst others argue that comedy should be respectful and avoid targeting minority groups who already face oppression or even persecution.
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