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Island nations which emit the least greenhouse gases are facing an existential climate crisis.

  • In events such as the COP26, most of the media coverage is about how the developed nations are strengthening their climate goals. But little attention is paid to island nations.
  • This year, which was supposed to be “the most inclusive COP ever”, saw participation from only four island nation countries. This was thanks to the UK’s visa screw-ups and COVID regulations.
  • Island nations from around the world are facing an immediate threat from the rising sea levels. They are trying to draw public attention to their fate.
  • Even if most of the island nations emit less greenhouse gases, the activities of developed and developing nations around them make the climate crisis an existential issue for them.
  • This list of stories will enable you to have an overview of all the issues facing island nations around the world and why more needs to be done to make them feel secure.
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