Rogan Saga: A Stand Against Misinformation

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Rogan is one of the most globally consumed products, yet a band of Rock Legends, Royals and researchers are taking a stand against him.

  • Joe Rogan and Neil Young walk into a bar - sounds like the start of a pretty bad joke, right? Well, whilst they didn’t convene in a bar, they have collided in the latest Covid misinformation saga.
  • Last week, 76 year-old rock star Neil Young, wrote a letter stating that Spotify would have to choose between hosting his music and the infamous The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast.
  • The letter - sent to his management and record label - was inspired by another letter which was sent by 270 experts to Spotify regarding the mass spreading of misinformation by the podcast.
  • Following Young’s letter, industry icons such as Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren have removed their music from Spotify in support. Prince Harry and Megan also vocalized their concern to Spotify.
  • One JRE episode has gained particular traction. In the episode Rogan spoke to Robert Malone, a virologist who developed the mRNA vaccine but since has been renowned for spreading misinformation.
  • One unfounded theory detailed how societal leaders have been “hypnotizing” the public. Another suggested the hospitals in the US were being paid for every Covid death as a government incentive.
  • Prior to this, Rogan has gained attention for discussing his use of ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug with no proven benefits against Covid, to treat the illness.
  • In response to this the letter from scientific experts detailed: “Mass-misinformation events of this scale have extraordinarily dangerous ramifications.”
  • For a number of years, Rogan has been regarded as the most influential podcaster on the planet. With 11 million listeners per episode, his opinion has an undeniable influence.
  • Those who have studied Rogan closely say it is hard to know what he really believes. Some have argued that it is all a world class performance with the goal of extending his global reach.
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