Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Makes History

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Jackson is on track to become the first black woman to sit on the US Supreme Court. But the court’s ideological balance remains unchanged.

  • After four days of contentious Senate hearings, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is on track to make history by becoming the first Black woman to sit on the country’s highest court.
  • The confirmation vote—expected early next month—is likely to fall mostly along partisan lines, with Democrats mustering just enough votes to make Jackson a Supreme Court judge.
  • During hearings this week, some Republicans tried to depict Jackson as “soft on crime,” and grilled her on “critical race theory.” Many viewed the questioning as unglued—and barely coded racism.
  • After Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement earlier this year, US President Joe Biden made clear he would nominate a Black woman to serve on the court.
  • The move was part of his larger push to diversify the federal judiciary. Of the nearly 50 judges Biden has appointed thus far, three-quarters have been women; two-thirds have been minorities.
  • Jackson’s confirmation would not change the court’s ideological balance, as she will replace a judge considered to have left-wing views. The court will maintain a 6-3 conservative super majority.
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