Macron’s Victory: A Gasp of Relief in the EU

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After a fierce race against his far-right opponent France’s president has secured a second term. For Brussels his win makes things easier.

  • The French president Emmanuel Macron has won reelection beating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. The centrist politician took 58 percent of the vote with Le Pen winning about 42 percent.
  • Macron’s victory was less impressive than five years ago but clearer than recently expected. Polls had shown the race tightening during the last weeks increasing pressure on Macron’s campaign.
  • EU politicians were reacting to the election result with signs of relief. Macron had made a stronger European Union with closer cooperation one of the central features of his campaign.
  • His contender Le Pen on the other hand had campaigned for a focus on nation states and less international collaboration. Her strong performance seems to an increasingly Euro-skeptic mood in France.
  • While the election was mainly about the economy and immigration Europe’s relationship with Russia played an important role. Le Pen is seen as friendly to the Kremlin and took money from Russia.
  • Macron had called Russia’s president Vladimir Putin several times during the campaign trying to persuade him to stop his assault on Ukraine. But his diplomatic endeavors did not bring success.
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