03/09: What Else is Happening in the World?

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We know that recent news has been largely focused on the situation in Ukraine. Here’s what else has been happening in the world.

  • As the present news cycle has been largely dominated by the Russian invasion in Ukraine, we wanted to give you an update detailing the other important topics of the moment.
  • On Wednesday, the UN approved a plan to create the world’s first global plastic pollution treaty. The resolution has been described as the “biggest climate deal since the 2015 Paris agreement.”
  • At least 13 people have died and tens of thousands have been evacuated due to flooding in Australia. The damage has led some to question how prepared the nation is for severe climate change.
  • The countdown to the French election is well underway and support for President Emmanuel Macron has risen to the highest point yet, following his involvement in the Ukraine crisis.
  • Sri Lanka is in the midst of a financial crisis. Reports suggest that the crisis has been mounting for years, but the pandemic and economic policies have exacerbated the problems.
  • Japan is on high alert, after provocations from China, North Korea and Russia. Allegedly, Japanese officials believe that the nations may take advantage of the current political chaos.
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