Member States Defy the EU

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Poland and Hungary continue to clash with the EU over democratic laws and values.

  • We are all aware of the challenges faced by the European Union, as it continuously strives to unite the 27 member states that remain in a post Brexit world.
  • This goal to unite is seemingly becoming increasingly difficult over time, as the fundamental values of a handful of nation governments not only misalign but at times completely contrast.
  • Today, Brussels has taken legal action against Poland over primacy of EU law row; this is the first legal official step made by the Union.
  • Recently, Hungary has defied an EU ruling on immigration and instead will stick to its own controversial laws. The move could mean that Hungary loses a significant portion of EU funding.
  • In November, the EU ruled that the Hungarian policy to criminalise lawyers and activists who aid or support those seeking asylum “failed to fulfil” obligations under EU law.
  • The law also prevents migrants applying for asylum if their life was not at risk in their home country. Prime Minister Victor Orban said that the EU rules were “obsolete” and rejected the ruling.
  • Poland is also set to lose similar cash installments from the EU. Both countries have been told that they must commit to reinstating the democratic values which (should) overarch all EU states.
  • Orban retaliated to the possible punishment from the EU, arguing that it was a “brutal sabotage” from the union and that he believes such decision making will shatter the EU altogether.
  • Such clashes between the EU and it’s member states cast a general sense of concern for the stability of the union.
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