No 10 Suspected Target of NSO Spyware Attack

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Boris Johnson’s office reportedly faced multiple attacks from the Pegasus spyware. The Israeli firm behind the program denies all claims.

  • The Pegasus spyware has been labeled one of the most powerful pieces of hacking software ever. It can copy your messages, record calls, film you, record conversations and much more.
  • The spyware was created by Israeli company NSO, who have marketed and licensed Pegasus to governments all around the world, from India, to Rwanda, to Hungary.
  • Most recently, it has been uncovered that the Downing Street office was subjected to “multiple” suspected attacks from the Pegasus software, which has been linked to the UAE. The allegations raise serious questions about a potential national security breach of the government at the highest level. The report was revealed by a research group at the University of Toronto.
  • Pegasus is dangerous and it violates human rights laws. The target is unaware that every digital element of their life is being tracked and could be exploited.
  • Worldwide, at least 50,000 devices have been infected. Among those hacked are activists, journalists and world leaders, with delicate information revealed which can put such individuals at risk.
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