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In a new format, we provide our users with five articles from the week that the editorial team consider to be outstanding journalism.

  • Every week our editorial team comes across articles which leave a long-lasting impression. Articles which are worth being remembered and presented to our users again. Here’s our pick.
  • Following the death of former US state secretary Madeleine Albright there were many obituaries. One article in the Washington Post by David Ignatius gave a very special insight.
  • It is an art of its own to write about science in a way that allows almost everybody to understand it. The Aeon piece on the nature of time has mastered the craft.
  • Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the ensuing war has brought to our attention hundreds of outstanding articles. One of them is this New Yorker story on young Russians fleeing from Vladimir Putin.
  • In Ukraine, we have heard about many horrible events, especially in the city of Mariupol. This report by two AP journalists, who were the last independent reporters in Mariupol, is breathtaking.
  • Sometimes it’s worth taking a completely different view on a special event. The Vice article on the influence of a misogynistic worldview on the election in South Korea is one of them.
The Washington Post
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