Pandemic Lay-offs

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Firing over video con calls has become normal during the pandemic. How does one deal with it?

  • Ever since the pandemic forced us to work from home and put a squeeze on the global economy, many people have lost their jobs.
  • Since most of us couldn’t physically attend office, the process of laying off employees also went remote. We have come across many instances of employees fired over a video conference call.
  • Employees of were in for a rude shock when their CEO fired 900 people over a Zoom call with no prior intimation before the call.
  • Not only was the number of people fired huge - 15% of the company strength - but the company had received a $750 million investment from Softbank a week earlier.
  • Psychologists are of the opinion that the grief accompanied by a job loss is similar to that of losing a loved one - going from shock, denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance.
  • Given the new reality we have been faced with, it’s important to get a grip on life, if you are faced with a situation like the unfortunate employees. There are ways to deal with it.
  • We try to look at the psychological effects lay-offs elicit and dealing with them. We also have tips for those who are stressed about resuming office work after WFH for over a year.
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