Tech is Fuelling a Rise in Plastic Surgery

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A surge in cosmetic procedures correlates with the rise in facial filters and online meetings. Is tech behind a plastic surgery boom?

  • Very few industries witnessed gains during the pandemic, with most facing inevitable losses. However, of the few industries that did grow, plastic surgery was one of them.
  • As remote working rapidly became deeply integrated in our lives, so did online meetings. Zoom was our new “best friend”. IRL meetings were replaced with hours of being able to see our own reflection.
  • Another facet of online living has been spurring the plastic surgery movement is social media. From “Instagram face” to “Snapchat Dysmorphia” beauty filters on social platforms.
  • As tech makes people increasingly insecure, it offers an enticing solution: facial filters and editing apps. With a simple tap or swipe, individuals can remove blemishes and “fix” insecurities.
  • However, this quick fix only exists in the online realm. The “plastic surgery fix” that many are turning to is expensive and can be dangerous.
  • The rise of plastic surgery, instagram filters and online meetings also correlates directly with another rising factor: mental health problems relating to body image.
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