Protests in Kazakhstan

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The situation has reportedly begun to stabilize across the country after Russian military aid

  • It has been reported that 164 have people have died and almost 6,000 individuals have been detained following days of violent anti-government protests in Kazakhstan.
  • The protests began due to a sharp increase in the price of fuel, however the government have since restored the fuel price cap after the immense bloodshed.
  • The demonstrations quickly evolved to include a series of economic and political grievances. Most of the anger was directed at the former President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
  • The authorities were able to regain control after Russia sent several thousand soldiers to the region, on the request of the President.
  • There were also some on-the-ground reports and footage of soldiers from the Kazak military defecting and joining the protesters.
  • Starting in the West of the nation, the protests are the largest demonstrations since the 1990s when the country gained independence. A national state of emergency has been declared.
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