Putin’s War: What Does the World Think?

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The UN General Assembly has reprimanded Russia over its invasion in Ukraine. But support for the EU and the US is not unequivocal.

  • A huge majority of countries in the United Nations General Assembly has voted to reprimand Russia over its war on Ukraine. A group of important UN members abstained on the resolution however.
  • While support for Russia’s invasion is low huge countries like China or India prefer to maintain normal relations with Moscow. Trade relations or distrust of the US are important reasons.
  • Israel plays a special role. The Middle East country, home to millions of people with Russian or Ukrainian origins is often considered a potential intermediary between both countries.
  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz went to Israel on Wednesday to talk international affairs and to explore the government’s stance in the Ukraine crisis.
  • Japan and Turkey have positoned themselves as allies of the West in the escalating conflict with Russia. Both countries are close to the Russian borders and fear for their regional influence.
  • The attitude towards the United States is a crucial factor: Many countries are reluctant to find themselves on the side of the US in a global power struggle.
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