Can Rishi Sunak save Britain?

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The U.K. is going through a tumultuous period. Can Rishi Sunak bring an end to the political and economic turmoil?

  • Rishi Sunak got the top job in British politics the hard way. His first attempt, back in September, ended in a comprehensive run-off defeat to Liz Truss.
  • Sunak is the U.K.’s first British-Asian PM. The former finance minister is an alumnus of Goldman Sachs. Many hope his prior experience will help him solve the economic crisis he has inherited.
  • During September’s leadership contest, Sunak described Truss’s economic plan as “fairytale economics” and warned of exactly the kind of chaos that unfolded after it was implemented later in the month.
  • Sunak is regarded by Conservatives as the best person to avert a deep recession and unite the party. Whether he can fulfill those expectations is open to question.
  • Sunak has not eluded controversy. In April, the revelation that his wife may have avoided £20 million in taxes caused uproar. Together the couple have an estimated fortune of around £730 million.
  • In recent decades, the UK has become one of the poorest nations in Western Europe. Sunak faces a significant challenge in building respect and relationships on a European level once again.
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