Russia's Longtime Cyber War against Ukraine

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Even as Russia launches a full-scale assault on Ukraine, in cyberspace Russia-backed hackers have been attacking Ukraine since 2014.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for a ‘special military operation’ has thrown caution to the wind and Ukraine is now under full-scale land-based assault from Russian forces.
  • In the digital realm, Russia-backed hackers have been raging a cyberwar in Ukraine for many years, affecting not just government websites but also critical infrastructure affecting daily life.
  • In 2017, a computer virus named NotPetya affected not just Ukrainian banks, electricity firms and government ministries, but spread to eight other countries leading to a loss of over $10 billion.
  • Even as Russian troops were surrounding Ukraine over the last couple of months, Russian hackers were back to defacing and disrupting Ukraine’s banks, ministries and other state portals.
  • As the West keeps piling on economic sanctions on Russia, there are speculations that Russia could rely on digital currencies to bypass global financial roadblocks.
  • Six EU nations making the Cyber Rapid Response Team have offered to help Ukraine fend off cyberattacks. Here, we look at this cyber dimension of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.
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