Severe Hurricanes

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Hurricanes, cyclones or typhoons have been getting more severe thanks to climate change.

  • Like clockwork, between June and November, disastrous hurricanes make landfall in the Caribbean islands, the Gulf of Mexico and the US east coast.*
  • Hurricanes are known as typhoons in the Indian Ocean and southern Pacific and as cyclones in the Pacific Ocean. Irrespective of the names, they’re categoried from 1 to 5, with 5 being the worst.
  • Over the years, due to the warming planet, the intensity of hurricanes has continued to get more severe. If things continue as usual, it will lead to many coastal cities drowning.
  • Hurricanes bring with them heavy rain and storm surges, which if not mitigated can lead to disasters. Storm surges have caused half of hurricane-related deaths in the US between 1963 and 2012.
  • Japan is the epicentre of not just typhoons but also earthquakes. But despite its dense population, it has ensured the casualty numbers due to these natural disasters is limited. How does it do that?
  • Every hurricane or typhoon that you read about in the news is accompanied by a name. Ever wondered who comes up with those and why?
  • This read list will get you up to speed with everything to do with hurricanes, the science behind them and the future outlook.
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