Shanghai Lockdown Situation Getting Desperate

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China’s zero-Covid policy forced many cities into complete lockdown. Shanghai’s 25 million residents are trying to resist it, in vain.

  • China has been following the strictest Covid19 containment policy, called zero Covid, seen anywhere on the planet. This is even happening at a time when the rest of the world is opening up.
  • To contain the Omicron variant, China began completely shutting down many cities early this year. The latest victim is Shanghai, a prominent business and trading hub with 25 million residents.
  • China tried a partial lockdown in Shanghai given its size and economic importance. But post 3 April, Shanghai faced the same fate as other cities - complete lockdown.
  • It's becoming amply clear that Shanghai authorities never foresaw the logistical challenges this lockdown would bring about. Despite lockdown, last week saw a record daily spike of 20,000 cases.
  • Food shortages, forced quarantines, no end of lockdown in sight have made many Shanghai residents lose their patience. Videos of resistance and confrontation are showing up online.
  • Given Shanghai’s importance as a trading hub, shipping and trucking companies are already bracing for another disruption in supply chains, the effects of which would be felt globally.
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