Species that Speak - In Their Own Way

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The natural world is always communicating, even if we don't hear or see it.

  • Recent findings have revealed that mushrooms speak to each. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only do they speak to each other, but they have a vocabulary of up to 50 words.
  • The study recorded fungi having conversations, in a language similar to our speech. This raised the question, what information are they sharing?
  • To uncover how Fungi can communicate, we need to look underground. Mushrooms speak through electrical impulses, conducted through long structures, similarly to how nerve cells transmit info in humans.
  • Fungi are not the only species with a language, in fact almost all species are recorded as having their own form of communication.
  • However, our exploration of the language of other species has a long way to go. We have been living with cats and dogs for centuries and we are yet to decipher their language.
  • What does this ability of the natural world to communicate mean for humans? If life around us has the ability to communicate, what sort of awareness does it have for ongoing events?
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