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Worldwide, tales of activism and humanity have been emerging in response to the Ukraine conflict.

  • We know the current media sphere can be overwhelming and deeply saddening. Doom scrolling can become a regular habit as we strive to keep up with this rapidly evolving and multifaceted conflict.
  • We wanted to take this opportunity to show some signs of hope in this conflict, as the war has birthed a multitude of positive tales and proactive initiatives.
  • Citizen projects have been flourishing. In Poland, through one initiative Polish grandmothers are reaching out to support Ukrainian mothers.
  • Volunteers have traveled from all across the globe, to help at the Ukraine border. One volunteer dressed up as a fictional character, Jack Sparrow, to try and put a smile on children’s faces.
  • Foreign citizens have gone to Ukraine, facing uncertain legal grounds they are risking their lives to support the Ukrainian army. Doctor’s are creating initiatives to contribute medical support.
  • These stories of support do not diminish the gravity of the situation faced within Ukraine. However, it may help to acknowledge the humanity which exists even through these dark times.
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