Sudanese PM Resigns

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Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resigns after months of mass protests across the nation.

  • The plot in Sudan has thickened once again. In October, the Sudanese military staged a coup, overthrowing the parliament. Hamdock, then Prime Minister, was removed and placed under house arrest.
  • In November, Hamdock was reinstated after signing a power-sharing deal with the military. Many citizens and pro-democracy campaigners rejected the agreement.
  • Today, Hamdock resigned after mass protests took place countrywide. In a statement the former PM said that the country was at a dangerous point and present decisions will impact the it’s survival.
  • Protestors chanted “Power to the people!”, making demands that the country return to civilian rule. Many do not accept the military as the only leaders due to the method by which they attained power.
  • Pro-democracy activists have argued that only a government which has no military involvement can be trusted to continue leading Sudan in it’s search for democracy.
  • The resignation is another hit to the country’s fragile political system which has faced numerous blows since the 2019 uprising, which led to the overthrow of authoritarian leader Omar al-Bashir.
  • The anti-military demonstrations have been met with significant violence from the army. More than 50 people have been killed during protests since the coup.
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