How Tech Companies are Influencing the War

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Technology companies have been forced to take a stand against Putin's war. Everyday, we hear of more companies cutting ties with Russia.

  • As the war in Ukraine intensifies, Russian citizens are having to pay a price on the technological front. Every day brings news of a new company leaving Russia for good.
  • Ukraine’s minister for Digital Information, Mykhailo Fedorov, has used his Twitter account to appeal to technology companies across sectors to think about taking their businesses out of Russia.
  • This tactic has worked so far. Names such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, TikTok, Intel, AMD, among others, have all stopped sales and pulled out some operations from Russia.
  • Russia isn’t making things any easier for social media giants by claiming the way they inform Russian citizens is a "violation of rights”. Russia has blocked Twitter and Facebook.
  • But there are some exceptions such as Chinese tech giant, Alibaba Group, which continues to operate its AliExpress e-commerce site in Russia. It hasn’t commented on the war.
  • While technology companies may see themselves on the right side of the conflict, there are potential downsides to this exodus too, note experts.
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