The Channel Crisis

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The unsolved puzzle of the Channel crossing has lead to the loss of 27 lives.

  • A small inflatable boat capsized as it attempted to cross the channel between France and the UK. On board there were 29 people, 27 of whom lost their lives.
  • Among those who perished, there was one pregnant woman and three children. The group was mainly Kurdish, fleeing from Iraq and Iran - as reported by the French authorities.
  • On Saturday, the first victim was named. Maryam Nuri Mohamed Amin, a 24-year-old Kurdish woman from Iraq, made the journey in order to be reunited with her fiance.
  • Due to the known persecution that many Kurds face in Iran and Iraq, it can be assumed that many aboard were refugees and asylum seekers - as opposed to economic migrants.
  • The number of Kurdish refugees passing through Europe has risen significantly since the Taliban took power back in August 2021.
  • Aside from the tragic loss of life, the event can further be situated within the escalating political tensions between France and the UK.
  • Boris Johnson published a letter to Macron on the issue. In response Macron gave a speech in which he said Johnson needs to “get serious”.
  • Small inflatable boats continued to set off from the French coast and with the political deadlock between the UK and France, it seems like there will be no resolution any time soon.
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