The complexities of gender & racial equality

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I live and breathe diversity, which is why I cofounded Passionfroot, a platform that helps creators build more sustainable businesses.

As someone who is often the only POC in the room, I’ve always fought for more diversity in Germany.

These articles are a good place to start for anyone who wants to understand the complexities of gender and racial equality in the professional world.

Women and people of color still face barriers—especially in the workplace. Here’s what needs to change to move past them.

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Psychology Today

Breaking the chains of generational trauma

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Health4 min read

The invisible danger of the 'glass cliff'

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Business9 min read

Investors are waking up to market potential of diversity, equity and inclusion

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Business3 min read
The Conversation

Is being European a white identity? Brussels needs deep reflection in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement

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Politics3 min read

White immigrants weren’t always considered white — and acceptable

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World Affairs5 min read