The Fight for Mariupol

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Mariupol has become the most heavily bombed and damaged city in the Ukraine war with Russia. What makes the battle for the city so crucial?

  • For days, Mariupol has been bombarded by Russian airstrikes. A British volunteer trapped in the city has likened it to Stalingrad - often remembered as one of the worst battles of the WII.
  • He also described “mass war crimes.” The humanitarian situation on-the-ground is said to be disastrous. This week, Russian forces attacked a theater and a school, both were sheltering civilians.
  • Mariupol has been described as a “strategic win” for Russia. Their military needed to take the city, to create a land corridor between Crimena and the separitist regions of Luhansk and Donetsk.
  • The port city is also key to the Ukrainian economy. Prior to the war, the port was a key export hub for Ukraine’s steel, coal and corn industries - goods would be sent to the Middle East and beyond.
  • Whichever side comes out on top, will receive a significant morale boost. For Putin, capturing the city would mean taking back the Black Sea coastline which he believes is Russian land from the 1700s.
  • For Ukrainians, the loss of Mariupol would be a major blow both militarily and economically. It would also devast the men and women on the ground, fighting for their country.
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