Your Good News Round-Up (25/02)

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There's been a lot of bad news this week. Here's some good news to lighten your weekend, just a bit.

  • Colombia decriminalized abortion. The new ruling means that during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, a woman can legally undergo the procedure. The move has been described as a “historic victory.”
  • A group of European scientists announced a major breakthrough on nuclear fusion that could revolutionize the way we make energy. Successful nuclear fusion could help tackle the climate crisis.
  • A US federal judge restored protection for gray wolves. Environmentalists hailed the decision, which comes after Trump removed the species from the endangered list during his term.
  • Solar power roofs. One energy company has designed nailable solar shingles, which can replace traditional shingles used on a non-solar roof.
  • A major UCLA study found that at least 65 species of animals laugh. Laughter has always come naturally to humans, but apparently our furry friends make “play vocalizations too.”
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