The Impact of the War on Animals

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Repeatedly, during the Russian invasion, we have been confronted with stories of other species dealing with the impact of the war.

  • Since the start of the war, tales of the repercussions on animals have consistently trickled in. Prior to the war, Ukraine was reportedly home to 750,000 dogs and 5.5 million cats.
  • Whilst desperately rushing to flee, many owners left behind their pets. Wildlife across the country is also bearing the brunt of the conflict, once populous areas such now lie empty of life.
  • Animals in zoos across Ukraine have been hugely impacted. The zoo in Kharkiv announced on Tuesday that it would be putting down all remaining animals after shelling of their enclosures.
  • The pain being inflicted on animals through the war, feels especially unfair. They exist in a realm totally separate from
  • However, not all hope is lost. Many rescue efforts have been successful. A vet from Poland, who crossed into the Ukrainian war zone, has saved over 260 animals.
  • Evacuation efforts from zoos have also seen Kangaroos and rare Tapirs driven to safety. Many owners have also been reunited with their furry friends too.
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