The Latest on the War in Ukraine — Day 76

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Russian missiles strike the Black Sea Port of Odesa causing a blockade. Food shortages are being felt worldwide.

  • On May 9th, Russia celebrates the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Putin and Zelensky both made speeches. Each cast the other nation as being like the Nazis.
  • Charles Michel, president of the European Council, visited Odesa and reported that there were silos full of grain “stranded” due to the Russian blockade. He called for a global response.
  • President Biden has signed a bill which will mean more military aid for Ukraine, and faster. It is entitled the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act; the Senate passed it unanimously.
  • The Pentagon also has anecdotal evidence of Russians disobeying orders on the front line. Some experts are speculating that this is why there was no declaration of Victory in Putin’s speech.
  • Newly re-elected French president, Emanuel Macron, met with Chancellor Olaf Scholz also on the 9th of May. Macron said the process of accepting the Ukraine into the EU could take decades.
  • Instead, he suggests forming a circle of EU like-minded nations. The EU seems once again to be in disagreement over Russian sanctions.
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