The Latest on the War In Ukraine - Day 23

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Russia’s military, suffering setbacks in its campaign to vanquish Ukrainian forces, continued the relentless bombardment of civilian areas.

  • The Russian military’s advance stalled as Ukrainian forces launched counterattacks and hit supply lines. Unable to gain ground, Russian forces resorted to more attacks on urban civilian areas.
  • Survivors began to emerge from a theater in Mariupol hit by a Russian strike on Wednesday. As many as a thousand civilians, including children, were sheltering in the building when it was attacked.
  • Ukraine’s President launched a withering attack on Germany, accusing the country’s leaders of putting economic ties with Russia over Europe’s security in an address to German lawmakers.
  • US President Joe Biden is scheduled to speak with China's President Xi Jinping on Friday. He is expected to warn Xi against supporting Putin amid fears China will provide arms to Russia.
  • Ukrainian and Russian negotiators reported no new progress in ongoing talks. US and European leaders have expressed doubts that the Kremlin is negotiating in good faith.
  • Few observers expect the war to end anytime soon. US officials fear that Putin, in his growing desperation, may resort to using chemical weapons to terrorize Ukrainians into submission.
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