The Latest on the War in Ukraine - Day 34

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Russia wants to reduce its military operations around Kyiv. For the first time peace talks appear to make some real progress.

  • During peace talks with Ukraine in Istanbul Russia has declared its intention to "drastically reduce combat operations" around the capital Kyiv and the northern city of Chernihiv.
  • Observers are divided on how to assess the declaration made by the Russian deputy defense minister. What appears to be a sign of progress could also be a mere admission of military failure.
  • The Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, an ally of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, took part in the talks between the delegations. Abramovich had allegedly poisoned during an earlier meeting.
  • Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are making up ground in territories close to the capital Kyiv which had been occupied by Russia. The initial Russian goal to capture the city seems to have collapsed.
  • On the economic side of the conflict, a new deadline has risen. Until now, Russia and its Western customers have not reached an agreement on how to conduct their gas trade.
  • Russia wants to force the EU and other Europeans to pay for their gas imports in Rubles. But the buyers are citing existing contracts. If no agreement can be reached, Russia could turn off supplies.
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