The Latest on the War in Ukraine - Day 40

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The Russian military has been driven out of the Kyiv region, leaving behind horrific traces of what could amount to war crimes.

  • Ukrainian troops have retaken full control of the entire territory of Kyiv region according to the Ukrainian ministry of defense. The capital had been under Russian assault for weeks.
  • Ukraine is now expecting fierce battles in southern and eastern regions, especially in besieged Mariupol – since the Russian forces are regrouping and reinforcing their troops in these areas.
  • Following the departure of Russian troops from towns and villages surrounding Kyiv, Ukrainian officials claim to have found evidence for atrocities and war crimes committed by Russian soldiers.
  • The watchdog Human Rights Watch published a report documenting numerous wartime atrocities committed by the Russian military in the recent weeks – including murder of civilians and cases of rape.
  • The EU is starting to prepare a further round of sanctions against Russia – also taking into account recent reports about possible war crimes. An embargo on energy imports is still unlikely however.
  • Within Russia support for the war is growing according to independent polls. As a possible peace treaty is being prepared it is unclear which outcome could be presented as a victory in Russia.
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