The Latest on the War In Ukraine - Day 64

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Putin’s threat of “retaliatory strikes” against countries interfering with Russia’s invasion is raising fears of a wider conflict.

  • In a speech before lawmakers in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of “lightning-fast” retaliation on countries intervening to undermine the Kremlin and its war on Ukraine.
  • The comments came after US and UK leaders said that weapons deliveries to Ukraine were aimed at weakening Russia’s military capability and undermining its ability to repeat an attack.
  • Analysts say the risk of a wider conflict is high, particularly if Russia chooses to directly attack NATO supply lines. Some fear the fighting may spill over into Moldova—which neighbors Ukraine.
  • EU leaders referred to Putin’s move to suspend gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria as “blackmail” intended to force European countries to reduce arms shipments to Ukraine.
  • The gas flow cut has sent European leaders scrambling at an even more frenetic pace to find alternative sources of energy and to slash their long-time dependence on Russian gas.
  • Russian forces slowly advanced into villages in the eastern Ukraine region of Donbas, marking a tactical shift to take and hold territory rather than attempting rapid movements into Ukraine.
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