The Latest on the War in Ukraine - Day 69

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The US warned the Kremlin is planning to formally annex large swaths of eastern Ukraine within weeks as fighting rages on.

  • The Kremlin is planning to annex much of eastern Ukraine in the coming days even as its military largely fails to take and hold territory in the east, according to US intelligence officials.
  • The alleged plan, said to involve staged referendums in areas controlled by Russian troops and seperatist fighters, may allow Putin to claim victory despite his military’s ongoing struggles.
  • Ukrainian officials said Monday they sank two Russian naval vessels in the Black Sea near the city of Odessa—an apparent further setback for Russian forces.
  • At the same time, Ukrainian-controlled Odessa came under missile attack. Ukrainians fear the city may be next to be targeted by extensive Russian bombardment as Mariupol comes under Russian control.
  • The EU is preparing a sixth round of sanctions against Russia to be announced this week that may include an immediate embargo of Russian oil after Germany dropped its resistance to the measure.
  • Ukraine’s president has urged the EU to immediately stop imports of Russian oil and natural gas. Despite the possible oil embargo, the European nations will continue to buy Russian natural gas.
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