The Latest on the War in Ukraine - Day 78

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Today, Finland is expected to announce a NATO bid, in response to the Ukraine invasion; fighting in the east is reaching a “stalemate.”

  • This morning, Finland's president and prime minister announced their support for an application for NATO membership. If officially accepted, Finland will double the length of the Russian-NATO border.
  • Sweden is expected to make an announcement regarding it’s application this coming Sunday. This transformation of the European security landscape is thought to be a nightmare for Putin.
  • A Pentagon intelligence chief has said neither Ukrainian nor Russian forces are winning in the east - contrary to claims from Kyiv that their counter-offensives were pushing the Russians back.
  • It has been reported from the Russian occupied region of Kherson, that leading officials are planning to ask Putin to incorporate the region into Russia by the end of the year.
  • Putin is preparing for the long haul in Ukraine, US intelligence has reported. The officials have reason to believe that a victory in the east for the Russian’s would not bring the war to an end.
  • Finally, a former Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine has spoken out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Gao Yusheng, the 75-year-old diplomat, made the remarks during an internal webinar.
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