The Middle Eastern View on the Ukraine War

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How has the Middle East reacted to the war in Ukraine and what is at stake for the region?

  • Russia's invasion of Ukraine has put Middle Eastern countries in a tough spot as they seek to maintain a fragile balance between their economic interests and their political needs.
  • While Russia did not succeed in replacing the US's role in the Middle East, over the past years, it has emerged as a key power broker and military actor in the region.
  • Regional leaders are now pressured to pick a side between Russia and the West. But they seem reluctant to do so and have mostly refrained from joining any punitive measures against Moscow.
  • Meanwhile, the Middle East is bearing the brunt of food and energy prices spiraling out of control as the economic impact of the war in Ukraine reverberates around the world.
  • But in the region's oil-exporting states, the war in Ukraine is becoming a boon for the oil industry battered by the pandemic amid oversupply and diminished demand in lockdown.
  • As the pressure to pick sides is growing, how will Middle Eastern leaders navigate this geopolitical quagmire as they seek to avoid triggering new conflicts in the region?
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