The Missing Female Perspective

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The downsides of repeatedly ignoring the point of view of over half the global population.

  • Talk about the missing so-called “female perspective” is rife, and has prompted governments and researchers around the globe to look into the issue and try and find ways to mitigate consequences.
  • Women are not just vastly underrepresented in boardrooms, they are also largely absent from news headlines, medical research trials, academia, art exhibitions and so on.
  • The extent of just how male-centred the world is became painfully clear in “Invisible Women”, a book that exposed the extensive absence of women from data in areas such as tech, medicine and design.
  • In a world designed largely by and for men, with a “gender data gap” that directly causes worse financial, career, lifestyle and health outcomes for women, gender equality becomes impossible.
  • And with life often imitating art, the underrepresentation of women in the arts and culture realms creates unhealthy, reductive narratives that shape social behaviour to the disadvantage of women.
  • Just how much the lives of women the world over are affected by a male-centred perspective is almost unbelievable, with more and more evidence coming to light that will hopefully inform future policy.
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