The Mystery of Russia’s Military Failure

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After several weeks of war it is clear that Moscow has not achieved its military objectives. The problem: a missing Russian Air Force.

  • The initial stage of Russia’s invasion has passed and experts agree that the Russian military did not perform as expected; managing to gain some ground in the south, it is far from winning.
  • Most observers are surprised that the Russian Air Force has not gained air supremacy – after years of modernization and procurement of new fighter jets and technology.
  • Experts have suggested a range of explanations: one being that there was a general lack of preparation and training. According to observers Russian pilots are not ready for complex air operations.
  • Russian troops are also running into supply problems, as they are left on the ground without sufficient air support. The logistics chain has not been prepared for a long war but for a short operation.
  • The question remains open, as to whether the Russian’s will be able to adapt to the new circumstances and to weeks or even months of war. Russia remains dominant in terms of arms and troops.
  • Ukraine’s resilience has even surprised US politicians and government officials who had expected a quick Russian win; calls to increase military support for Ukraine are becoming increasingly louder.
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