The Tigray War

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Two drone attacks have been carried out in a matter of days, killing at least 73 people.

  • On Saturday, Dozens of people have been killed in a camp for refugees following a drone attack. The victims - many of whom were children - had fled fighting in the region.
  • On Monday, a second air strike in Tigray killed 17 people - mostly women - and left many injured at a flour mill.
  • Tigrayan representatives have stated that President Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopian military forces were behind the attacks. Governmental representatives refused to comment.
  • These raids are two of many that have allegedly been carried out by the Ethiopian military. Such attacks have completely altered the course of the conflict, forcing Tigrayan rebels to retreat.
  • Investigative collective, Bellingcat, discovered that it was likely the President and military forces had been supplied with the latest armed drones from Iran through open source reporting.
  • A number of other countries are suspected of providing weapons to the Ethiopian government - including China, the UaE and Turkey.
  • Suggested motives are: gaining power in a strategic region, making economic gains or backing a winner in a spiraling conflict.
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