The US First Lady: Jill Biden Visits Ukraine

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Jill Biden has broken the First Lady mold. What was this mold in the first place?

  • Yesterday, people across the globe celebrated mother’s day and US First Lady, Jill Biden, marked the occasion with an unannounced visit to Ukraine - where she met with the first lady Olena Zelenska.
  • Zelenska praised Biden, describing her act as “courageous”. Jill Biden is one of few political figures to travel to Ukraine whilst the war has been active.
  • The visit has been Biden’s highest-profile diplomatic engagement since President Biden took office and is considered to be a part of a broader push to demonstrate support for Ukraine.
  • It has been suggested that Jill Biden’s trip has enhanced a role which she has been carving out on an issue which has dominated US foreign policy over the past three months.
  • Neither President Biden nor Kamala Harris have visited Ukraine, what does this say about the First Lady? Jill Biden has never fit in a mold, but what is the mold of America’s First Lady?
  • Jill Biden has long opted for her profession title, Dr Biden, rather than her political title. She was the first Second Lady to hold a paying job whilst her husband was Vice President.
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