Trump Under Fire: The Legal Battle

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Update: Donald Trump’s accounting firm abandoned the ex-president because of judicial worries. Will legal woes impede his political plans?

  • More than one year after his departure from the White House, Donald Trump’s legal problems are piling up. Now, his accounting firm Mazars is ceasing to cooperate with the Trump organization.
  • Mazars is reacting to information that came to light as part of an ongoing investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James. She accuses Trump’s company of fraudulent asset valuations.
  • The real estate tycoon has long struggled with the courts. But his list of judicial woes grew even longer during his presidency and could become an impediment to a new candidacy.
  • New York attorney general Letitia James has acquired the status of Trump’s legal nemesis. She wants Trump to testify in her civil investigation. He calls the inquiry politically motivated.
  • Trump is trying to avoid being questioned and has sued James, aiming to halt the probe. Her case is separate from an ongoing criminal investigation into the Trump organization.
  • In this reading, we examine the legal battles Trump is facing and the possible political fallout. Since his ascent to the top of the Republican party, the fates of both have become intertwined.
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